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Surgery Information

When and Where:

If surgery is recommended by the physician, we will coordinate the date, time and location with you. Urgent surgeries are handled on a case by case basis under the direction of the physician. The physicians operate at Summa Akron City Hospital’s Same Day Surgery Center or Akron General Medical Center depending on your insurance requirements. Please call our surgery scheduler at (330) 434-1185 to discuss available dates.

Please use the links below for information about and directions to each facility:

Akron City Hospital
525 East Market Street
Akron, Ohio 44304
Same Day Surgery Center Phone (330) 375-3509
Pre-Admission Testing Department Phone (330) 375-7783

Akron General Medical Center
400 Wabash Avenue
Akron, Ohio 44307
Surgery Center Phone (330) 344-6466
Pre-Admission Testing Department Phone (330) 344-7776

Before Surgery:

Prior to your surgery date, each hospital requires an appointment with the Pre-Admission Department. At this appointment, the hospital staff will review your medical history, perform any necessary lab work and EKG, and give you a physical.  Your primary care physician or another specialist may be contacted to give medical clearance. He or she may require you to be seen in the office in order to give this clearance. This would be in addition to the hospital appointment, not in place of it.

The physician will prescribe eye drops for after your surgery. Please pick up the drops from your pharmacy prior to your surgery date.

The night before your surgery, please do not have anything to eat or drink after midnight. Any medications that need to be taken the day of surgery may be done with a small sip of water. We ask that you contact your primary care to coordinate which medications you should take.

After Surgery:

You will see the physician the day after your surgery. Our office staff will remove the patch and shield at that time. After your exam by the physician, you will be given post operative drop instructions. In some cases, positioning is required after surgery. If your condition requires face down positioning, equipment is available for your comfort.

Comfort Solutions
2915 Jupiter Park Drive
Suite 1000
Jupiter, FL 33458
Phone (877) 470-3455

Ophthalmic Support Systems of Chicago
Phone (888) 414-2148

Vitrectomy Solutions
1031 N. Edgefield Avenue
Dallas, TX 75208
Phone (214) 948-8864

Kelly Comfort Solutions
240 Markman Park Road
Baden, PA 15005
Phone (800) 721-8172